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About us

 Tumanyan Shawarma was founded in 1998:

The first branch operated at the intersection of Tumanyan and Abovyan streets․

After a short time, becoming a favorite place of Yerevan residents, there was a need to expand.

In 2013, the second branch of "Tumanyan Shawarma" was opened in the Arabkir administrative district, at Komitas 50/50.

In 2015, the "Grand buffet" opened on the second floor of the branch at 32 Tumanyan street, where salads, soups and other hot snacks are served.

Staying true to the expansion strategy, in 2018, the fast food chain Tumanyan Shawarma opened another branch in the Davtashen administrative district.

Fast food chain "Tumanyan Shawarma" will continue its development program, opening new branches and constantly updating the menu.

"Tumanyan Shawarma" -traditions that dictate advantages.



32, Tumanyan str.
50/50, Komitas ave.
34/3, Arshakunyats ave. (''Yerevan Mall'', Food court)
27/2 Tigran Petrosyan str. Davtashen district
Gai 16 Ave. (Mega Mall Food Court)
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