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Free delivery in the city center is available until 18:00. Customer also have an opportunity to order all meals in half portions. 

Starting from 2015, "Grand Buffet" Tumanyan Shaurma works on the following locations.

Tumanyan 32 (2nd floor)
Ave Komitas. 50/50
Davtashen, T. Petrosyan Str. 25/5 (1st floor of Yerevan City)

There is a veriety product, served by various salads, soups and meat dishes with the very available prices, which is very suitable for both managers working in the city center, so students, tourists and certainly middle in come citizens. In "Grand Buffet" are disposable containess in which can be sorted prepased foods to take with you. Welsome! Bon Appetit!


32, Tumanyan str.
50/50, Komitas ave.
34/3, Arshakunyats ave. (''Yerevan Mall'', Food court)
27/2 Tigran Petrosyan str. Davtashen district
Gai 16 Ave. (Mega Mall Food Court)
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