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      There are many fast food preparation and delivery services in the city, but the fast food chain" Tumanyan Shawarma " offers high-speed and safe delivery․

1. You can call the numbers 011-81-88-88 or 81-88, and our telephone operator will take your order,

2. You can order any dishes www.tshaurma.com through the website,

3. you can also place an order via the mobile phone app (IOS, Android).

Our delivery speed is competitive with any other delivery speed․Delivery in the city center takes a maximum of 25 minutes.

The cost of delivery throughout the city of Yerevan is 400 AMD.

You can pay for delivery in cash or via POS-terminals.

“Tumanyan Shawarma”-traditions that dictate advantages.



32, Tumanyan str.
50/50, Komitas ave.
34/3, Arshakunyats ave. (''Yerevan Mall'', Food court)
27/2 Tigran Petrosyan str. Davtashen district
Gai 16 Ave. (Mega Mall Food Court)
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